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Now the tongue colors has been standardized and can be determined quickly and accurately using the DorisPlate.

DorisPlate, standard in tongue imaging
Tongue with DorisPlate
The DorisPlate is a meant for use in Tongue-diagnostics to secure the rememberence of the real colors in Tongue-images.
It is used for diagnosing at the clinic and when taking images of the tongue for further studies, and when keeping case records.
When looking at the tongue, and in particular when taking images, light is an important factor for assessing the colours correctly.
Change in lighting and reflections from the surroundings affects the image.
Change of camera or monitor can also have an unintended results on the image display.

By photographing a special standardized colour palette for tongue diagnostics on the image the tongue diagnostician is always able to “find a way back” to the tongue as it were at the time of the image.

The DorisPlate is a plate the size of a credit card. On the plate is printed a standardized colour palette adjusted for tongue diagnostics.
After use it can be wiped with an alcohol wipe.
It is easy to use the DorisPlate and not much different from ordinary tongue imaging.

It is important to position the Doris plate so that a part of all the ”stripes” are in the image, the rest is as usual.

The DorisPlate is named after one of the pioneers in tongue diagnostics in Denmark, Doris Damsgaard.

    The plate is made in cooperation between:
  • Senior progammer Erik Gotfredsen, who besides several scientific publications within dental radiography and digital imaging is also the author of the internet-based herbal medicine encyclopedia
  • Acupuncturist and author Doris Damsgaard, who has the clinical experience, and who has written the Danish handbook of tongue diagnostics: Tungens Mønstre(Patterns of the tongue).

Read Description and use (Pdf-file)

After having been clinically tested the DorisPlate can be bought here.

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